4 Steps for a Cosier Living Room


The living room is often the heart of the home; it’s where you can spend sociable get-togethers, relaxing afternoons, and long evenings spent in the comfort of your own space. That’s why it’s so important to have a cosy living room you can be proud of, and especially when the winter chill hits.

If you feel as though your living room lacks that cosy factor and needs a helping hand, here are 4 steps to make it happen.


Step 1: Choose Deeper Colours

To make your living room feel a lot warmer, it’s a good idea to use warm colours. The darkest shades can often help for a cosier feel, such as deep reds, purples or oranges. Nevertheless, you can still create a cosy living room even if you’re not a fan of deep shades. Even going a shade or two darker, such as a beige instead of white, can help to create a warmer feel.

If you’d rather stick to more bare and minimalist walls, this can be offset with cosy furnishing and lighting.


Step 2: Make it Warmer

Naturally, the cosier you want your room, the warmer it will need to be. You can put a lot of effort into colour schemes and design, but if your room is lacking heat, you aren’t going to feel comfortable.

For ultimate cosiness, fireplaces are ideal for both warm lighting and heat, whether it’s an electric fireplace or a real wood burner. You should also be sure to have full central heating installation to make sure that your home is as warm and energy-efficient as possible, without having to reach for the nearest jumper or blanket.


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Step 3: Use the Right Lighting

Warm lighting is ideal for creating a relaxing, ambient space. Be sure to opt for warm coloured bulbs as opposed to white light. It would help if you also thought about the colour and material of your lamp and lighting shades, as these can affect the glow of the room.

Try candles or even warm fairy lights to drape where you see fit, to create the best retreat. Scented candles are also ideal for creating a relaxing scent that will help you to feel more at ease.


Step 4: Layer Up

Layered soft furnishings are great for adding texture and warmth to your living room, especially for your seating area. Think about soft cushions and blankets for your sofa and even better if you have a fabric sofa instead of cold leather.

You can also layer up the room by using thick rugs, which are essential for cosiness if you have a wooden floor. You can still use rugs if you have carpet for extra warmth and layering.

As a bonus, try for thick fabric curtains to frame your windows, whether coupled with a blind or standalone.

Overall, this will help your room to feel more textured and softer.

If you’re looking to improve your living room or home space with updates, the team at Nonpareil Solutions is always ready to help.