Bespoke Bathroom Designer & Refurbishment Company

For the bathroom you've always wanted, look no further.

Looking to upgrade or revamp your bathroom? You've come to the right place!

Our specialist team is ready and waiting to turn your design into reality. With years of experience, Nonpareil brings a high-level of expertise that will ensure your dream bathroom becomes a reality. Whatever your vision, from classic to modern, large or small, we'll tailor your bathroom to your wants, needs and budget.

Even if you only have a rough idea of what you would like to see in your new bathroom, our design team can create a design that suits your needs and complements the style in the rest of your home. From the initial design to the final installation, we can complete the whole bathroom installation process including building consents, plumbing, painting and tiling.

From design to installation, we like to make the whole process as simple and painless as possible; our aim is to minimise disruption to you and leave your house spotless following our visit.

Luxurious Bespoke Bathrooms Tailored to You

Your bathroom should be a space of refuge, comfort and relaxation. Unwinding from a long day in the tub or starting your day off fresh with a shower, are two of the most rejuvenating feelings… but only if you are comfortable in your space!

Having your own luxury bathroom that is custom-designed to fit your needs and budget can completely change how you feel about the room. Bespoke bathroom design and installation may have once been reserved for the wealthy, but is now available for everyone with Nonpareil. Our expert team is knowledgeable and skilled at taking your ideas and transforming it into your dream bathroom so you can finally have the space you have always wanted.

Bathroom refurbishment can seem like a huge task, and it can seem even more daunting, but from the very first stages of planning to the final stages of completion, we make it easy for you. Our bathroom design and installation services are efficient and quick, so the amount of disruption for you and your family is minimised while we get the job done. Once the planning stage is complete and we have created the bathroom that is perfect for you, we take care of the rest, down to the clean-up after the installation has finished.

Modern bathroom design service

Upgrading your bathroom means getting the right fittings and styles you want to transform your outdated or old bathroom into a luxurious space you are completely satisfied with. If you want a truly luxurious design, our Utopia approved engineers will bring your bathroom into the modern age. Consider a digital shower for your contemporary and luxurious design, or an electric shower or mixer shower to take your bathroom to the next level in comfort. You shouldn’t settle for anything less than what you want, and we can help make your modern bespoke bathroom dreams come true. 

Bathroom projects of any size

From small bathroom refurbishment projects to huge bathroom replacement and overhaul projects, our team has it covered. Use our local bathroom installers for your home bathroom refurbishment services so that everything is installed with expert-level quality, regardless of the size of the space we’re working in. 

You can come to us with a fully mapped out idea of what you want in your new bathroom and we can work with your ideas to create a plan within your budget and by maximising the space available. Our expert team of designers can also fill in any gaps for you and offer suggestions if you aren’t exactly sure of all the details for your upgrades. We can work together to figure out what your needs and wants are for your new space and then design the perfect bathroom that checks all the boxes. 

Please do not hesitate to call Nonpareil to get started on planning out your new bathroom. We’re proud to be one of the highest quality bathroom designers that St Albans, Harpenden and Welwyn Garden City have to offer. We can’t wait to turn your ideas and designs into a reality.