6 Hacks for a Stress-Free Kitchen

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6 Hacks for a Stress-Free Kitchen


Whether you love or loathe cooking, the kitchen is a place you need to be as stress-free as possible to enjoy an easier daily routine and create a space you actually enjoy being in, whether with family, friends or for some much-needed peace and quiet.

Ultimately, your kitchen has the power to be the most inviting, hearty room of the home, which is why it’s so important to try and make it as stress-free as you can with these six hacks.

Go With Bespoke Design

The best way to ensure the most stress-free kitchen possible is to have a design made specifically for your space by professionals who know how to make the best out ofkitchen refurbishment. A tailored layout and proper planning result in the best usable space possible, with all the features you need to ensure you never have to worry about a design that works against you rather than with you.

Encourage Lots of Natural Light

It’s amazing the difference good lighting makes, especially when you don’t have to pay energy bills for it. When you’re busy in the kitchen cooking, cleaning and spending time, the more naturally lit your space, the more comfortable and pleasant you will find it. Plus, you want the freedom to whip up healthy recipes without having to squint at the instructions!

Don’t Put a Kitchen Table in There if it Won’t Fit Easily

It’s ideal if you can have a dining table in your kitchen for family mealtimes, or even if you’re a single person or a couple looking for a designated place to sit. However, not every kitchen size allows for a table easily.

Suppose your home or apartment is on the smaller side. In that case, it’s much more important to prioritise utensils and kitchen must-haves without navigating around a kitchen table that might be taking up far too much space – no matter how much you want it included.

Think Carefully About Placement Around Plugs

Plug sockets are essential for everyday kitchen use, and you want it to be as easy as possible to access them to ensure seamless cooking and cleaning. Not only do you need to place your essentials like microwave and kettle in the right spots for plugs to limit tangled cables, but you also think about when you need to use plug sockets for new items.

Therefore, you want to be able to reach an empty plug socket easily without having to go through the rigmarole of moving large kitchenware to get to them – and that’s why you need to plan where you put your appliances and other kitchen items to avoid plug socket drama.

Put the Most Used Items in Centre Cabinets

There is nothing worse than trying to root for something in a corner cupboard when items have fallen far in at the back. If you have key items you know you use every day, like particular pans and plates, then make sure they’re in the most accessible cupboard possible where you can open both doors fully and easily see and reach what you need.

Invest Only in What You Need

There are many impressive kitchen gadgets these days, and it can be tempting to equip your kitchen with everything you could possibly need – but if you’re only using a small portion of the equipment you buy, you could be sacrificing vital surface space as well as making it harder on yourself to clean. As such, only purchase the items you know you will always use.