6 Reasons Your House Feels Too Cold 


Nobody wants to live in a cold home. A home should be warm, cosy, and comfortable, after all, and the cold is anything but.


It’s not always obvious why a home is cold, though. You might have the heating on all of the time but still feel that familiar chill in the evening. It’s hard to improve things when you don’t know the cause.


If you are struggling to figure out why your home is colder than it should be, consider these six reasons.

1: Your Boiler Needs Replacing

An issue with your boiler could result in it not heating each room properly. This usually happens if your boiler is too old or has sustained some damage. In this case, you must consider either replacing or fixing your boiler.


Look for boiler installers near me, and with your new boiler, you will find each area of your home enjoys plenty of warmth during the cooler days. 


2: A Lack of Insulation

Another reason for a cold house is a lack of insulation. Think of good insulation as an investment – you don’t have to keep paying towards it once you have it installed. Make sure you use high-quality insulation material in your walls, attic, ceilings, and floors. This is especially important above crawl spaces. 


3: Low Humidity

Another potential reason for a cold house is low humidity. Of course, you don’t want your home’s air to be too humid, either. The ideal humidity percentage is around 45%, so get yourself a room humidifier to adjust the air’s moisture and keep a regulated temperature.


4: Too Many Draughts

Too many draughts will quickly cool down a house when it is cold outside. Inspect your home to see if any gaps are letting the warm air out. Air could be escaping from chimneys, attics, windows, basements, and even under doors. 


5: Old Windows

Old windows aren’t great at keeping the warm air in. If your windows are over 15 years old, then it’s time for a replacement.


You should choose high-quality frames with either double or triple glazed glass for optimum installation. It will make a huge difference!


6: Tiled Floors

Tiled floors can look great, but they can also make a room significantly colder than if you were to choose another type of flooring – carpet, for example. There are two reasons tiled floors create colder rooms. First, they lose a lot of heat. Second, if you’re walking on them with bare feet, the feel of the tile is cool to the touch. No one wants to walk on cold tiles on a winter’s morning!


Try to avoid installing tiled floors all around the home. One or two rooms with tiled flooring should be OK, as long as you take other measures to ensure the place is kept warm.


You do not need to accept living in a cold house. It can harm your health, mood, and overall comfort. By identifying the causes of the problem, whether that’s a faulty boiler or old windows, you can start making the home improvements required for a warm and cosy home.