7 Ingredients of a Luxurious bathroom 



A bathroom is a safe place. Not only is it where you clean yourself, but it’s also a space where you have ultimate privacy. With such a sanctuary, it makes sense that you make the room as luxurious as possible. Want to learn how? These seven ingredients of a luxurious bathroom will help get you there.


1: A Large Sink

People usually consider updating their tubs or showers before the sink, but the sink is an important part of a bathroom. Installing a large one adds both comfort and style while you wash your hands and brush your teeth. Plus, the right sink can tie the whole space together. To choose the right sink for your bathroom, look for our St Albans bathroom design.


2: A Freestanding Tub

There’s something more unique about a freestanding tub – it gives off that old-money luxury vibe that can lift an entire bathroom. Plus, you have the option to purchase a large tub, perfect if you want to share romantic evenings with your other half!


3: Lots of Natural Light

While you might not want a see-through window looking out onto the street, it is important to let in lots of natural light. Blurred windows work well here, but you could incorporate outdoor views if you are up high enough.




4: Tiled Flooring

Most people know that carpet in a bathroom is a no-go. Instead, find tiled flooring that suits your overall bathroom design. Tile is often the best option to go with for a bathroom, as it doesn’t absorb water. Then, go with a porcelain marble effect for a truly elegant appearance!


5: A Pretty Mirror

No bathroom is complete without a large mirror standing over the sink. After all, you need to be able to see when you’re brushing your teeth or fixing your hair after using the bathroom. However, the mirror you choose will greatly affect the overall bathroom, so don’t just go with the cheapest option. Instead, choose a large, stylish mirror that gives the room a more spacious feel.


6: Layered Lighting

A single ceiling light is not what luxurious bathrooms are made of. Instead, use a mixture of lights to create a layered effect – perfect for late evenings when no natural light comes through the window. For example, you could install wall lights alongside some overhanging spotlights, and when you want an extra dash of luxury during your evening soak, light a few scented candles.


7: Your Favourite Bottled Products

The last essential ingredient for your bathroom is all your favourite bottled products. Be sure to include ample storage space for them and for the prettiest bottles. You could even buy some special refillable bottles to keep your hand soap and hand cream inside, much as posh restaurant bathrooms do. 

Your bathroom is worth putting time, effort, and money into. After all, you spend a decent amount of time there, most of which you want to be as relaxing as possible.