7 Simple Ways to Create a Cosy Kitchen 



7 Simple Ways to Create a Cosy Kitchen 

There’s no denying that a kitchen is a busy place due to its practical purpose, but it’s also a place for family, friends and togetherness. Unfortunately, the design of a kitchen can be somewhat clinical but, if like many people, you see your kitchen as more than just a room for cooking in, it should be somewhere you feel relaxed and cosy. 
To achieve a more comfortable and inviting kitchen, you do not need to clutter it with furniture or ornaments as just a few changes can help even the most minimal kitchen a more cosy place to be. Here are 7 simple ways you can create a more intimate living environment in your kitchen. 

Plants and greenery

Consider bringing the beauty of nature inside by adding plants and greenery to your kitchen. You can use hanging plants or pot plants, but you may also want to include some herbs which will come in handy when cooking. 

Fireplace or wood burner

Including a fireplace or wood burner in your kitchen design is a wonderful way to both add warmth and cosiness to the room while also creating a focal point to build the rest of the design around. Some people choose to divide their kitchen and dining area with a fireplace while others integrate it into the rest of the design. 


Candles are a simple and effective way to bring warmth to any room. Try putting a few around the room on shelves, on the table, or on the worktop. If you choose scented candles, you can choose a warming scent like cinnamon. Of course, it’s important to remember to keep them out of reach of children and pets and to blow them out when you leave the room. 



Soft furnishings

Many people choose to keep soft furnishings out of the kitchen for practical reasons, but the odd piece of soft, comfortable fabric can make a kitchen more inviting instantly. For example, faux fur on a chair or bench and/or a rug on the floor can bring warmth and style at the same time. 

Create a window nook 

If you have a large window space in your kitchen, this is a great opportunity to create a kitchen nook. A comfortable bench with a blanket and some throw pillows provides the perfect relaxation spot where you can enjoy a coffee or somewhere guests or family can sit and chat with you while you prepare food. 

Add some personal items 

Pots, pans and mugs are all very well, but no rule says you can’t display photographs or treasured possessions in your kitchen just as you would in your lounge or hallway. You don’t want to go overboard as this can make the room feel cluttered rather than cosy, but a few strategically placed items on shelves will make it more homely. 

Use warm lighting 

The lighting in your kitchen is crucial to setting the right ambience, so try to opt for lightbulbs and lamps, which give a warm, yellow glow rather than stark white which can make kitchens very clinical.