8 Ways to Prepare your Kitchen for Summertime


During winter, your kitchen was likely used for baking delicious pies, stews, curries, lasagnas, and other wholesome, warming foods. You might have even neglected some of your usual deep cleaning, like scrubbing the back of the oven or wiping cabinet knobs. That must change if you want a stunning kitchen in time for the summer.

If you plan on enjoying cocktails, kebabs, fresh lemonade, and fruit platters in your kitchen during the summer, here are eight ways to prepare the space.


1: Get a Kitchen Island

One of the best additions to any kitchen is a kitchen island. It makes perfect use of the space, providing you with a circle to cook, chop, clean, and hang out. Plus, the island itself can serve many purposes, such as a chopping space or an area to sit at while you read the morning news.


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2: Get Out the Summer Appliances

When was the last time you used the blender for a smoothie or the cocktail kit for your famous mojitos? Get out and clean all of your usual summer appliances to prepare for summer. That way, you are more likely to use them!


3: Decorate with Plants

Summer is the ideal time to invest in some lusciously green plants for your kitchen. You could choose a large fishtail palm if you have some free floor space, or you could place a couple of pretty succulents on the kitchen windowsill to liven up the area.


4: Invest in Sliding Doors

Does your kitchen lead to the back garden? If so, consider investing in glass sliding doors. They provide easy access to the outside, let in tons of light, and even save on space! Sliding doors also invite the sight of nature into your kitchen. For example, you can see the plants blossoming while you make your morning coffee.



5: Clean the Windows

Allow the light to flow through your kitchen by giving your windows a deep clean in time for summer. It will instantly freshen the place up! Don’t forget to do the outside, too.


6: Freshen Up the Floor

Don’t forget about your kitchen floor. Rather than just doing your usual sweep and mop, consider doing a deep steam clean. If you’ve had your tiles for a long time, you might even want to invest in brand-new flooring to match your summer vibe!


7: Put a Breakfast Bar by the window

Summer is all about making the most of the weather, and a great way to do that is by building a breakfast bar by the window. That way, you can enjoy your French toast, cereal, or fry up while watching the outdoors.


8: Do a Deep Clean

Do you have any other deep cleaning jobs you need to do? If so, before summer is the time to do them. Scrub the oven, clean the cupboards, declutter the pantry, and dust under the cabinets to make sure your kitchen is prepared for a summer of delicious food and fun.