Five Things To Consider For Your Kitchen Refurbishment

Five Things To Consider For Your Kitchen Refurbishment

It’s normal that our houses age and wear over time. Styles change and we live our busy lives within these four walls, so it’s natural that from time to time rooms will need a little refresh.

When you’re considering doing house renovations, the kitchen is one of the rooms where you can see the most significant benefit. This is your chance to create that perfect kitchen you’ve always dreamed of, and the possibilities are endless.

From shiny new appliances to some extra space, here are five things you should consider when doing your kitchen refurbishment.

1) Think About Your Budget

Understanding your budget is always a good place to start when it comes to house renovations and a kitchen refurbishment is no different. Putting in a new kitchen is a big investment, so you want to make sure you’ve got everything planned out.

Often with kitchen renovations, you will find some extra expenses pop up that you hadn’t planned for, so make sure you leave a little extra wiggle room to make sure everything gets done. 

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2) Analyse The Layout

When thinking about a kitchen refurbishment, it’s worth looking at the current layout of your kitchen first. While you have some flexibility with items like kitchen cabinets, it can be quite costly to move major systems such as the plumbing, gas, and electricity.

Of course, the experts will be able to give you a much better idea on this, but it can be more cost-effective to focus on upgrading major appliances rather than moving them around too much.

3) Do You Need More Space?

There are lots of different ways of creating more space aside from knocking down walls and building new structures. Adding extra space can be an expensive part of a kitchen refurbishment, so make sure you look at every option.

It’s amazing the amount of space you can save from modern kitchen storage solutions, and a better kitchen layout. You’ve always got the option of building extra space, or taking extra space from other rooms, but it’s worth looking at all your options first.


4) Pick Out Your Appliances

Technology moves on quickly and this shows in the kitchen. If your kitchen is looking a little bit outdated, then you’re probably itching to get some new appliances.

It’s important to make sure you do this within the framework of your budget though and prioritising what is most important for you with your kitchen refurb. For some people, top of the range appliances will be top of the list. You might also make some sacrifices in other areas, for other people, creating more space is a priority.

5) Remember The Lighting

Lighting is one of those things that can easily get overlooked during a kitchen renovation.  Those who currently have a dimly lit kitchen will know, that lighting plays a huge part!

You want your kitchen to have as much natural light as possible, but once the sun goes down you’ll still want your kitchen to be well lit. It might seem like a small detail but your lighting can change the whole feel of the kitchen.


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