Great Home Updates to Add Value


It’s always worthwhile knowing that any design investment you put into your home is going to add value. Whether you’re simply looking to improve your home’s worth or you’re planning on selling your home down the line, home updates that add value provide the best of both: you get to enjoy improved design and also reap the financial benefits!

Not sure which updates can help to add value? Here is a rundown of great options for you.

Create a Useable Kitchen Space

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms of the home, and ensuring you have a useable and updated kitchen space will always add value. The cost of refurbishing your kitchen will pay itself back in the money you can make with added value if you come to sell your home, too.

There is so much potential within a kitchen for updates to be made with every single feature. This could include:

  • New cabinets and worktops
  • Installing new flooring (perhaps even with under-floor heating)
  • Updating your tap and sink for improved water supply
  • Implementing energy-efficient appliances
  • Eco-friendly lighting
  • Great storage hacks

Update Your Bathroom

Another key room of the home, the bathroom is an area that needs to be optimised to make sure you can comfortably use your space every single day. Not only does a bathroom need to be optimised for your own personal use, but also for the environment if you’re looking for sustainable options with your water supply.

Low-flow showers and taps can always help the environment, and you can look to install these if you plan any bathroom refurbishment. Having a modern bath and shower installed is also always going to be a plus for effective use and to ensure a relaxing bathroom experience every time.


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Make Sure Your Garden is an Inviting Area

Even if you have a huge garden space with a great amount of potential, you’ll need to make sure it’s cared for to add considerable value. This is especially important if you’re refurbishing or updating with plans to sell, as many potential buyers may not be able to look past an overgrown lawn and a neglected outside space.

Add value by keeping your garden clean, tidy and add a useable seating area to show how the space can be best used.

Consider Renovating a Room

If you have space potential with an attic or cellar, then renovating these to create a new room you can use and market is one of the top ways to add value. Renovate a room to create a new bedroom, home office, home gym or whatever you need!

Switch to Smart and Modern

A home that operates at an efficient level (especially when it comes to energy) is going to be a valuable one. Making changes with your smart-tech, such as smart energy meters and even smart heating controls, will help your home to run in an improved way.

If you’re looking to improve your home space and add value through refurbishment and updates, the team at Nonpareil Solutions is here to help.