Home & Interior Trends in 2022

Home and interior trends often give us inspiration for upcoming renovation projects, and this year’s picks are no exception. In 2022, there is an air of ‘less is more’, but comfort is always key as more people are spending time at home for work and relaxation. To balance the two, 2022 trends reflect a sense of well-being and energy that contributes to the feeling of emotional balance within the home.

So if you’re looking to achieve a new look that complements your living spaces, check out these top trends in home and interiors.

Natural materials

Studies suggest getting outside into nature has incredible benefits for the body and mind. So why not bring the outside in with natural materials and nature-inspired texture. Organic fabrics and imperfect furniture create visual interest and depth in any room. Indoor plants are also a great addition to add vibrancy and a fresh vibe to the aesthetic.

Smart technology

Technology continues to play a significant role in lifestyles, and it’s becoming a prominent feature in properties. There are numerous gadgets and devices that make everyday chores easier, from robotic vacuums to heating controlled from your smartphone. It’s a great time to install technology into your home to help reduce energy consumption and automate functions around your property. If you’re looking to install smart thermostats or a new heating system, search boiler installers near me to find the best options.


Sustainable accents

Sustainability is a hot topic of conversation, and now there are more ways to add this concept to your interiors. In 2022, home design will see more integration with repurposed furniture, vintage accents, and sustainable buys. In addition, more interior brands are incorporating conscious products into ranges, which offers a choice for planet-friendly interiors. 


Bold statements

Neutral palettes and muted tones have reigned supreme over the past couple of years. However, experts predict bolder hues and vibrant patterns will make waves to add energy to living spaces as we move forward. Examples in the running include Farrow & Ball’s Breakfast Room Green, Babouche, and Incarnadine. These rich and statement shades provide an intense and vibrant look for all types of properties. Wallpaper is making a comeback too. This option offers textural delights and provides the choice of all-out daring aesthetics or feature walls for a subtle pop.


Colourful kitchens

That all-white look is less popular as we head into 2022, and it’s being replaced by colour, especially in kitchens. Design experts say don’t be afraid to experiment with colour in this space. Consider uplifting hues and incorporate them in areas such as cabinets and splashbacks. Plus, print and pattern are perfect for this room. The choice of designs enables you to create a range of vibes from retro to contemporary, whether you opt for statement tiling or flooring.



Thanks to the immense popularity on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, the Cottagecore trend is having its moment. This interior look incorporates the beauty of the countryside with floral designs and country cottage accents. It’s ideal if you want to add a wholesome and organic aesthetic to your home.