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How to Create an Elegant Bathroom


No matter the size of your bathroom, there’s no doubt that you want it to look clean and elegant all the time. An elegant bathroom is the most sort after and easiest to keep style but how do you achieve this look in the first place?

The word elegant immediately makes most think of a lot of money but we’re here to show you how you can create it without spending all of your hard-earned money!

Try a New Bathmat

An old and tatty bathmat is the worst way to keep a bathroom from looking elegant and expensive.

Changing up your bathmat will give the room and new lease of life and make it feel much cleaner. A good quality bathmat is worth the investment as it will last longer and continue to keep your bathroom feeling luxurious without constant refreshes.

Instead of a plain white one (that will get dirty quickly) why not try a Turkish style with exotic prints and patterns. This will not only have a classy feel but will also make the bathmat an art piece instead of something you just throw around.

Not all good quality bathmats have to be expensive as they are easy to get a hold of and a quick search will come up with thousands of fabulous mats and offers.

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Consider a New Shower Head

Once used for convenience, basic shower heads are now out. New modern shower heads are now one of the best ways to upgrade your bathroom into a sleek stylish room.

The old bulky shower head you first used is nothing but an eyesore and probably doesn’t go with anything in your bathroom. It is essential to change your shower head when you want to make subtle changes to your bathroom.

In style now are overhead rainfall showerheads. These showerheads deliver elegance and hide all the bulkiness of a usual shower. They add an air of luxury and make your room feel as if it is a spa! Not only do they make the room classier, but they are also easier to clean, and the best part is there are plenty for under £200 if you are looking for that extra bit of indulgence.


If you are striving for that elegant yet effortless look, then minimalism is for you! Not only will you be making your room so much cleaner and more efficient, but you will be saving money as you won’t buy random things that clutter up your bathroom. Try keeping things basic with no loud colours or patterns and keeping a colour theme throughout the room with paint plants and tiling. This aesthetic will be giving your bathroom a sophisticated feel and will leave people wondering how on earth you can keep your bathroom so perfect!

For inspiration try checking out companies which specialise in bathroom replacement or similar. Of course, there are many different ways to make your bathroom more elegant, but these have to be the staple to starting any bathroom makeover. No matter the budget, all can be within reason and the price of a good quality product can often be worth it, especially in a frequently used room.

How to Create an Elegant Bathroom