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How to Create a Country-Style Kitchen


Have you always dreamed of having a warm and welcoming country kitchen? A relaxing and rustic place to unwind after a hard day? If yes, then you are far from alone.

Despite the emergence of increasingly contemporary kitchens complete with the latest smart features, country-style kitchens remain resolutely popular in both modern and period properties alike. That being said, if you want to create the perfect country kitchen, you need to ensure you have all the crucial elements added to your kitchen design. Not sure what these are? Our latest blog looks at exactly what you need to do to create a country-style kitchen that will be the envy of everyone you know.

Choose a colour scheme

Warmth is one of the most important components of a country kitchen, so you need to ensure you pick a colour scheme that will make the space feel homely and cosy. One of the most popular colours for a country-style kitchen is classic cream which offers a much more welcoming atmosphere than classic white, which can appear harsh.

Other colours that work well in a country kitchen include grey, pink, and pale green. If possible, try to avoid shades such as black, white, and bright red as all of these are better suited to a modern-style kitchen.


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Pick materials

When it comes to the worktops and flooring in your country kitchen, wood should be your go-to material. With some of the most popular wooden worktops, including oak, maple, beech, walnut, and bamboo, the unique grain of real wood will add depth and character to your kitchen.

Furthermore, if you are looking for bespoke luxury kitchens, there is nothing quite like real wood for adding a touch of splendour.

Wood can also be used on the floor in your kitchen. However, if you have pets or young children, you may prefer to opt for a less expensive option, such as vinyl flooring that is designed to look like real wood but is more robust.

If you are not a fan of wood, other materials that work well in a country kitchen include granite for worktops and stone for flooring. Have a long think about what you prefer and look at samples to help in your decision-making process.

Focus on finishing

If you want to create the perfect country-style kitchen, you need to focus just as much on the small features as you do on the more standout elements of the room. For example, when it comes to sinks, you may want to opt for a classic ceramic butler sink that will not only look the part but will also provide lots of space for dishes and not leave any watermarks.

Other finishing touches you need to focus on include cabinet handles which are best kept either wooden or brushed metal, and tiles that should be patterned and rustic in style and colour.

As a general rule, country-style kitchens should embrace natural textures as these evoke feelings of warmth and cosiness and avoid gloss finishes, laminates, and shiny edges, which all scream modern in their design.