How To Keep Your Heating Bills Low This Winter 



Heating a home through the winter is always an expensive task. We want to stay safe and comfortable, but the prospect of the resulting energy costs causes anxiety and stress. Some households even go as far as reducing how much they spend on their food shop to ensure that they have enough to keep their homes warm and cosy. Of course, this year, with a hike in gas prices and the subsequent closure of several energy suppliers, it is more important than ever to keep heating bills as low as possible. Here are some tips and tricks to help you keep your heating bills as low as possible this winter.


Install a new boiler

If your boiler is over 10 years old, there is a good chance that you could be making significant savings on your gas bills by replacing it with a brand-new A-rated model. Older boilers can be waste as much as 40% of the energy they use, whereas new models only waste up to 8% (thanks to the Boiler Plus legislation of 2018). To get quotes for a new boiler, contact some boiler installers near me to see if it would be worth upgrading your system before the cold winter kicks in.


Keep curtains closed at night

Many people do not realise how much additional heat they save by keeping their curtains closed. This is particularly effective if you have heavy drapes made from thick fabrics or, even better, thermal curtains. If your curtains hang down in front of radiators, be sure to tuck them behind the radiator; otherwise, the heat will not be able to spread through the room. However, when the sun is out, it is best to open the curtains to let the natural heat from the sun inside.


Stop heating every room

If there are rooms in your home that you rarely use, it makes sense to turn the radiators in them off and shut the doors to avoid spending money heating empty space. Your radiators should always be clear of obstacles like furniture.




Do some draughtproofing

If heat is escaping from your home through gaps in doorframes, window frames, skirting boards, unused chimneys, or letterboxes, it is important to seal them up as much as possible. There are plenty of low-cost ways to do this, from gaffer tape and sealant to products specifically designed to exclude draughts.


Switch to a new energy supplier

Do some research and comparison before settling on your energy supplier, as there may be a cheaper tariff out there. Lots of people stick with the same supplier out of habit or convenience, but it is surprisingly easy to switch and save a significant amount of money on your heating bills.


Turn your thermostat down

How high do you set your thermostat? If you are someone who turns it all the way up to 21ºC or even higher, you may want to consider reducing it to less than 20ºC. You will still feel comfortable, but you will save as much as £75 per year on your heating bills.


Wear more layers

If all else fails, put on some extra clothing when you feel the chill. Some thick socks, a jumper, some blankets, and a hot water bottle in your bed at night can make all the difference for no extra cost.