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How to Make the Most of a Small Kitchen


A small kitchen isn’t the end of the world. Sure, it might prevent you from getting a kitchen island, but you can still enjoy a cute and functional kitchen without an enormous space – it just takes a little creative thinking and some minor adjustments. Below are some clever ways to make the most of your small kitchen. 

Add a Mini Breakfast Bar

Do you want somewhere to sit and eat in your kitchen? You might not have the space for a dining table, but a mini breakfast bar won’t take up much space. All you need is a chair or two and enough surface to eat a bowl of cereal or enjoy a cup of tea with your morning read!

Store Vertically

You might not have much space to move from side to side, but what about the space all the way up to your ceiling? The chances are you are not yet making the most of it, but you should. It’s space you could use for storage! For example, if you have too many pots and pans for your tiny kitchen to hold, install some shelves high up so that you have cupboard space for them. Just remember to store the items you use less high up, as they’ll be harder to access when you’re in the middle of cooking a feast!

Hang the Plants

Just because you have a cramped kitchen, that doesn’t mean you can’t add some décor. While your shelves may not have space for your peace lily, you can still incorporate greenery into the kitchen by hanging your plants instead. No room on the walls? You could even hang a cute plant on the back of the kitchen door! Remember – there are always innovative ways to use the space. 

Let in Natural Light

When you have a small kitchen, brightness is necessary. That’s where natural light comes in handy. Let it stream in to light up the kitchen, and you’ll find the space far more pleasant to cook, clean, and hang out in.

Hang Hooks

Hooks are another storage solution for your kitchen utensils and pans. They are simple to install but provide so much use! Hang the hooks on your kitchen walls and then use them to hold whatever you see fit. For example, perhaps you’ve run out of room for your tongs and ladles. Or, maybe you have no space for pans in your drawers, and hanging them is the next best option.

Use Light Colours

Dark colours will only make the space feel tight and overwhelming. That’s why you should use light, bright shades in your small kitchen – colours like creams, pinks, pale greens, and light greys work well. These shades will make the place brighter and airier, which is exactly what you want.

Sometimes, you need a kitchen refurbishment to make the most of your tight kitchen space. Luckily, we have the kitchen renovation services you need. For example, you might want a brand-new, bespoke kitchen that encapsulates your unique style. Or, you might want a couple of cupboards and a new oven fitting. We can assist you with whatever you need to bring your small kitchen to life.