How to successfully prepare for a kitchen remodel

How to successfully prepare for a kitchen remodel...

Your kitchen is the heart of the home. When it is designed well, it is where you and your family can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner, and it is also the space where you spend time preparing these meals. It is where homework is completed, where families catch up after a busy day out, and where you can satisfy that urge for a midnight snack. A well-designed kitchen is not just one that looks beautiful; it is one that is so intuitively designed that it suits your family’s lifestyle and fulfils your every need for space and function. With the right design, this dream kitchen can become a reality, regardless of your kitchen size or budget.


Preparation is key, however, which is why we have put together this guide to help you plan for your kitchen remodelling project.

Spend Time Working Out Your Needs

More importantly than how a kitchen looks is how it functions. A perfect kitchen is one that fits everything you need within easy reach. To accomplish this, you simply need to work out what you need. You will want to spend at least six months in your kitchen, making notes of any issues you find and the solutions you believe would fix them. That way, when you go in to get your kitchen design, the contractor can ensure that your needs are met and fulfilled.


Create a Realistic Budget


It’s best to go into any kitchen remodelling project with a long-term goal in mind. Start early by visiting a fully integrated kitchen design team. That way, not only can you get a kitchen design down on paper, but you can also get a realistic budget for the project. You will want to be wary if you're going to shop around for quotes, as the quality of the company matters. If the job is done poorly, you will end up spending far more fixing the issues than you would have initially. Instead, stick with quality builders and carpenters. You can either work to save up (save over the budget, in case inflation means the prices have gone up),or you can take out a loan.


Use Bold Statement Pieces Effectively

When you are styling a bigger room, it doesn’t matter if you have an abundance of big and bold pieces of furniture and artwork spread around the space. However, in a smaller area, bold colours, busy patterns and larger furnishings need to be used minimally. Bold statement pieces draw the eye, so while too many items may make a space feel cluttered, having one or two placed strategically can work in your favour to make a space feel bigger. 

Find a Great All-in-One Kitchen and Installation Option

It's easy to draw up a beautiful kitchen, but it's about knowing the brands and products intimately that makes that drawing a reality. Made to measure kitchens by the team that helps you with the design will mean that the original design comes to life, not an approximation. You will also benefit from the contractor's understanding of what the design means and what you need on an intimate level.

Setup a Temporary Kitchen

Unless you have the budget to also afford to rent a place while your kitchen is being remodelled, you will want to set up a temporary kitchen. This can be done with a toaster oven and a single plate hob. Simply keep your old fridge and freezer for the time being, until your new unit gets installed, and you can use it. This way, you can still feed yourself and your family while your kitchen is out of commission. For safety purposes, you will want to ensure that there is a working fire alarm and a fire extinguisher near your temporary setup.

A great new kitchen is worth every penny, but just remember to make sure the design has everything you need and that you have a plan for where to eat during the remodel.

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